Education is the only way fort the poor children to come out of the vicious circle of the povery. Our Diocese schools mainly target the children who are not only from very poor families but also living in remote villages where there no proper educational facilities. It is for such unfortunate children that the Diocese of Nellore is running schools with hostel facilities. In these educational institutions hundreds of children are accommodated. They are given shelter, food, medicine, clothing, books and other necessary things. All these arrangements help them to study peacefully and graduate from the schools. Thus there are 61 schools and 19 boarding homes in our Diocese. There are altogether 12000 children studying in our schools of which 1500 are in our hostels. Indeed it is a very precious contribution for many generations of children who can hope for a better future. Each month we need to spend about US.$:6,250/- for this cause.


We run two separate homes with 30 children and young boys and girls in each home. These are not only form very poor families but also are mentally or physically handicapped. This makes their situation miserable. The parents are not in a position to take care of these children due to poverty and unemployment. The Diocese of Nellore is running a home for these children at Venkatachalam & Vedayapalem. Each month we spend about US. $, 3000/- for the maintenance of these two homes. Besides the monthly maintenance there is a need to make some more arrangements and repairs to be done to these houses


Another area of our charitable works is a home for the deaf and dumb children who also hail from very poor families. In this home we are having 42 children. They are provided boarding and lodging. They receive formal education in the sign language in which they are able to communicate. We have appointed teachers who are specialized in the art of sign language. Each month we spend about U.S. $: 1500/- for the maintenance of this home, which certainly, is making a great difference in the lives of the poor children whose speech and hearing is impaired. Here too there is a need to improve the facilities


Though some claim that leprosy is eradicated in the world there are still a good number of our brothers and sisters going around in the streets and begging for their sustenance. Due to the disease they are driven away from their homes. They try to establish there own families and groups. Thus they go around from township to township begging for food and money. They live under trees and in the streets. This is a shame for the human dignity and to the society at large. To prevent such inhuman situation we have established three rehabilitation centers in different places. Houses are built for more than 125 families and other individuals living in these three colonies. As they cannot work we provide them food ration, medicines and clothes all through the year. We also make arrangements for the education of their children. This is a noble task for which we need the support of generous donors. Each month we spend about U.S. $. 5000/- for the over all maintenance of these three colonies for the Lepers. There is a need to build new houses and repair the old ones. We also need to create other facilities for the residents.