Education is the only way fort the poor children to come out of the vicious circle of the povery. Our Diocese schools mainly target the children who are not only from very poor families but also living in remote villages where there no proper educational facilities.

The parents of these children are landless agricultural laborers. They are in constatnly in search of work to earn daily wages and meet the daily basic needs of the family. At times they go to far away places insearch of work and live away for many weeks and months.

During this time they either take their children with them or leave them at home to be cared by the old members of their family. Either way, the children education, health and growth is severly dameged.

We cannot expect these children with empty stomachs and improper clothing to sit in the class rooms and study. Many of them drop from the school. Some become child laborers. They are poorly nourished and prone to diseases.

It is for such unfortunate children that the Diocese of Nellore is running schools with hostel facilities. In these educational institutions hundreds of children are accommodated. They are given shelter, food, medicine, clothing, books and other necessary things.

All these arrangements help them to study peacefully and graduate from the schools.